Franzi found her way to Ashtanga Yoga within her twenties while being at University. The fascination and reverence for Yoga has never left her.

For her, Yoga offers the invitation for connection. To the hidden parts of oneself. To the inner depths. To other beings. To the energy of the universe. Yoga involves deep and receptive listening. One in which everything that is, is allowed to be there. Yoga involves giving space. It opens up the possibility of love.

Franzi believes the Ashtanga Vinyasa system offers opportunities to build strength and flexibility, to enhance health. But beyond that it offers the gateway to a philosophical system that enriches every part of ones life.

Franzi has learned from and practiced Yoga with world renowned teachers such as Richard Freeman, Mary Taylor, Ty Landrum as well as Gregor Maehle. She learned traditional Pranayama from Robert Moses (Namarupa). Franzi has a vast knowledge on Asana, Pranayama and Philosophy and draws from many years of experience of teaching this practice to international audiences and in various settings including governmental institutions in Germany.

She draws her inspiration from her own practice, daily walks in the forest, her teachers, ideas of Jiddu Krishnamurti and the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke.