Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a contemplative practice in physical forms. The Ashtanga series are sets of postures, so called Asanas, in a set sequence. Practitioners learn these sequences one by one over time and according to their individual needs and capabilities. Even though the order of the postures is set, postures can be modified to better suit the individual practitioner.

With the outer parameters of the practice being set, awareness can be turned inwards. The practitioner can begin to observe the inner workings of body, breath and mind. The contemplation of life begins. A meditative state can be entered.

Mysore Style Practice

In Mysore style classes, students practice the sequence in a self guided manner, meaning on their own and in their own time. The teacher approaches each student individually, giving assistance, correcting alignment and teaching new postures where adequate. Students can approach the teacher with questions anytime.

This teaching format allows each student to develop a personal practice and to evolve within their own rhythm. This approach values the uniqueness of every human being.